When the SEC becomes crypto-friendly – Jay Clayton, Chairman of the 
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), continues to positively surprise the cryptosphere. 
After revealing that he believed that stocks could all 
end up being tokenized , now he is complimenting Bitcoin (BTC)!

SEC Chairman Recognizes Bitcoin As A Store Of Value
Jay Clayton has been chairman of the 
Securities and Exchange Commission since May 2017. In an 
interview with CNBC, the SEC leader spoke on the subject of 
Bitcoin .
It was first reported that its services 
do not consider the bitcoins as 
securities ( 
securities ). 
Instead, Jay Clayton sees Bitcoin as 
“a payment system and a store of value . 

In sum, Bitcoin has the same characteristics of 
a currency such as 
gold , which has been a payment system and store of value of universal scale for more than 2,000 years. 
But do not count on the person concerned to 
say it in these terms , you fools!
We already knew that more and more 
companies ( 
like MicroStrategy ) and 
billionaires consider Bitcoin as a 
safe haven in 
the face 
of fiat currencies inflation (US dollar in the lead). 
But from there to hear it from the voice of the president (soon outgoing) of the SEC!
Bitcoin strengthens thanks to the weakness of fiat currencies
Jay Clayton did not stop there, since he even explained that, from his point of view, if Bitcoin 
got stronger day by day , it would be due to 
the inadequacy of traditional payment systems:
“(…) Our current payment mechanisms are inefficient, and it is these inefficiencies that are behind the rise of Bitcoin.”

SEC president still ended up resuming his role as 
regulator before the end of the interview (a little more and we would have taken him for a crypto-enthusiast!).
He explained that if Bitcoin and the cryptosphere continue to grow at such a rate, the question of a 
very exhaustive regulatory framework should quickly arise:
“I think we’re going to see this industry mature, and we’re going to have to put in place more regulations in this area of ​​[crypto-asset] payments . 

Jay Clayton seems to have become much less hostile to cryptos than at the (not so distant) days when the SEC systematically 
refused to validate a bitcoin ETF . 
Hopefully we will not regret his departure, scheduled for the end of 2020, and that his future replacement will keep a similar vision.

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