+ 400% on Bitcoin in a minute? – 
With a bitcoin which has just come close to 18,500 dollars for the first time since the end of 2017, we are feeling a lot of bullish frenzy in the cryptosphere. 
However, would an investor have been far too optimistic? 
The price of BTC did indeed briefly hit $ 82,000 on Binance
When Bitcoin passed the moon for a moment
As the crypto-media 
Decrypt spotted , a 
trading anomaly seems to have occurred on November 17 on the famous 
Binance exchange 
platform .
As can be seen from the chart below, of the 
BTC / TUSD pair (Bitcoin vs. TrueUSD), the price of one bitcoin briefly hit 
$ 82,000 .
BTC vs. TUSD price on Binance
Obviously, this movement turned into a 
huge wick , as prices 
quickly returned to normal , below $ 18,000.
A bug rather than a human error?
Given that short positions should have 
halted such a dizzying rise, the mistake of a trader brimming with enthusiasm for Bitcoin therefore seems rather 
unlikely .
Especially since 
no particular 
peak is to be reported in the 
trading volumes on this pair, while such an increase would necessarily have led to lively exchanges.

So many reasons that tend to tip the scales in the direction of a 
simple graphical bug , even if Binance has not yet given any details on this market anomaly.
Even if, for now, the crypto community has its eyes on the former $ 20,000 high for Bitcoin, this fine wick may inspire the most optimistic sweet dreams. 
While waiting to see if this wish comes true one day, the return of great volatility on BTC prices is to be expected.

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