How to Make Free Money Online with Honeygain (Passive Income Stream)

In this post I will be going over how to make free money online with Honeygain. Download Honeygain here!

I have recently been intrigued by unique passive income streams ranging from tiny houses to vending machine businesses! I’m all about finding and experimenting with new and quirky side hustles. But RECENTLY – I discovered what I consider to be the most passive of passive income streams. I was laughing because there are no setup costs or efforts, and you don’t really have to do anything outside of what you normally do in order to make money. That’s pretty impossible to find. I mean even with Rakuten (previously eBates) you still need to click the Chrome extension when you shop to get cash back.

If you’re interested in the most passive of passive income streams, check out this review and tutorial on how to make free money online with Honeygain.


How to Make Free Money Online with Honeygain (Most Passive Income Stream)
What is Honeygain
So the app we will be talking about today is Honeygain. HoneyGain is an app that allows users to reach their unused internet’s full potential by making their device a gateway. It does share your unused net traffic with data scientists but it doesn’t track individual usage so it seems quite safe. It was released in May of 2019 (so pretty recently) and has already grown massively. I checked their reviews and it’s been quite positive from what I’ve seen – including from Reddit users who are generally quite harsh.


Who Honeygain is For
Honeygain is for pretty much anyone who uses the internet whether it’s on your phone or on your laptop. If you’re looking to make extra money this is an easy way to do it. This is a great time to start saving and making money for the holidays.

If you:

Are interested in earning more money
Don’t want to do extra work
Have access to a cell phone or use a laptop/desktop with data / Wi-Fi
Are interested in passive income
Want to start saving for your financial future
Honeygain will probably be a good fit for you.

How Honeygain Works
All you have to do is:

Install it on your computer
Use the internet how you normally would.
Make sure when you download it and install the application, you launch it at start and click sign up/ login to your account so that you can reap the benefits:


You can set it to start up every time you open your computer and use the internet so that it will start working for you (and you don’t need to do anything like complete surveys or play games in order to make money).

They do track your web usage, but it’s for data collection purposes and are not tracked to an individual user. You can learn more about stuff around data and privacy on their FAQ here.

My Performance So Far
Here are my stats so far within a few days:

TBH you don’t make that much if you’re just using one device. But there is no cap at how much you can make if you have multiple devices and use their referral program (there are cases of people making $100/day).

It’s available on Mac and Windows, so I can’t download it on my iPhone but I can run it on my laptop. If you have an Android phone you should probably be able to use it there as well as your laptops.

How to Refer a Friend to Honeygain
As mentioned earlier, Honeygain offers an awesome refer-a-friend program.

If you refer your friends, you can make 10% of their credits each day. That’s what I’ve been doing:

The referral continues on forever which is pretty nice. So JFYI the links I’ve put are referral links (at no extra cost to you) :).

In order to get your own referral link, go to your dashboard and go to the bottom right. Click “Invite friends” and you’ll see a pop-up for 10%:


How Much Can You Actually Make with HoneyGain?
They have shared insights that some people are earning up to (and over) $100/day, which is about $3,000/month. This is probably achieved through multiple devices and referrals. It’s hard to make that much money on the app unless you expand, cause if you see my stats it’s definitely nowhere near there!

They pay you in credits, which you later redeem for PayPal cash, and you earn 1 credit for 10MB of traffic that goes through you. For 10GB you’ll earn $1 USD, and once you reach $20, you can get paid out through PayPal.

If you keep the app running 24/7 for the entire month you could earn around $50 based on their earnings estimator. I don’t think I will do anything like that, but it’s good to know. Not too bad if you ask me, considering you aren’t doing any work.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions you might have about HoneyGain.

  1. How many devices can you use per account?

You can use up to 5 devices on a single IP address at the same time, but for the best revenue potential, try 1 device per IP.

  1. What is the maximum someone could earn per month using HoneyGain?

There is no limit! People have been earning $100+/day (which equals $3,000 a month which is awesome). The referral program and devices can really help you boost your earnings.

  1. Is HoneyGain safe?

Yes. Honeygain doesn’t track individual usage, and they work with data scientists, Fortune 500 companies, and other trustworthy companies. Redditors who are generally harsh on apps and products, have advocated this website to be safe and good for earning money!

  1. What is the minimum payout? And what payment methods are available?

The minimum payout is $20 USD. You use PayPal to get paid out, with more payout methods coming soon. It takes about 24 hours for processing.

  1. How is payment calculated?

You earn 1 credit per 10 mb of traffic that goes through you. For 10 GB, you’ll earn $1 USD.

  1. Can credits expire?

If you’re an active user, your credits don’t expire. But credits will expire after 6 months counting from the day you were last active.

Advantages of HoneyGain
VERY passive and easy to use
Amazing referral program – it’s not just a one time referral commission but continues on
There’s no cap in how much you make
Great customer support
Very simple dashboard
Disadvantages of HoneyGain
The amount you get per day is not a whole lot unless you use multiple devices and refer out to others. But it’s still worth it because you don’t have to do anything extra.
PayPal is the only method of payment, and there’s a high minimum payout threshold ($20 USD)
Unavailable for iOS (only Android and Windows)
Final Thoughts
HoneyGain is a great solution to helping you monetize your unused data from your laptop and cell phone internet plan. I was super excited to come across this app hahaha, so I hope it’s exciting for you. It seems like small money, but the potential is there if you expand to multiple devices and refer people. I enjoy having income from multiple sources and am always fascinated with new opportunities. I’m checking out another app soon cause I came across a Reddit post that approved of Honeygain and another app (which if works well I’ll report my findings in another email or blog post).

Hope you guys enjoyed this post on how to make free money online with Honeygain. Would you use HoneyGain to make extra money? Let us know in the comments down below to let us know your thoughts!

If you’re interested, check out Honeygain here.

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